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Charlotte is a pen name I hope to go by one day. For now, I'm just Kathy, a lazy college kid.


Amy Poehler’s reaction to Chris Pratt’s surprise package is priceless.

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Captain America dresses up as Sam Wilson for Halloween.

They go in couples costume to a party: Sam is dressed as Captain America and Steve is dressed as the Falcon.

And people are like oh haha cute, you guys came as Cap and Falcon?


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what if the avengers spend the entire movie fighting ultron and they never get the upper hand and things are lookin’ pretty dire for them and then at the very last second pepper potts shows up and blows him up and then turns around and goes “that was okay, right? that was the bad robot? okay just checking”

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Forever reblog the Marvel Christrinity bromances.

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three times when chris abused mark’s boobs and that one time when mark protected them

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"I need to pee…"
The dangers of threesomes.


"I need to pee…"

The dangers of threesomes.

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